Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sneakiness Fail

Medium Fry is our little meatlover. The more meat, the better. Vegetables are merely things to be squished and "painted" with.

Thusly, we are now to the point that I'm seriously considering buying stock in V-8 because we go through so much of their V-Fusion juice.

Hubby decided to be sneaky today. He made box mac & cheese for the Fries for lunch, and (since it's all the same color) mixed in some corn. (I had left him to his own devices to try to get some rest, because I'd been up about half the night with Large Fry, who'd been awakened and terrified of the wind storm that arrived about 4a.)

"I mixed corn in with the mac & cheese for lunch," he tells me.

I wait for the punchline.

"Medium found it."