Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Let's see...

Two weeks ago, Medium had a nasty ear infection.

Last week, the sinus infection I felt brewing in the background at Medium's doctor's appointment sent me to the doctor.

Three weeks ago, we made the humane decision to put down our family's minivan and trade it in on a new vehicle. With the sobering realization that whatever car we purchase now will likely be the vehicle we're teaching kids to drive on in six years, we bought a 2011 Nissan Altima. I'm not looking forward to car payments again after two years without them.

Weather has been crazy here. We've had more two-hour delays due to wind chills than we had last year by this time, and we've had a couple of snow days. Storms get our way and sort of fizzle out. (Unlike my poor friends and relations in the Boston area, who are still trying to dig out, bless 'em.)

Since my stress level is lower than it's been in the last 15 months, I'm taking on editing work again. Feels a bit like riding a rather weird bike to jump back in like this.

Two weeks ago, I heard from Ms. Sciuto that Bro will not be filing any further appeals, and that she was pulling together paperwork for the adoption and would let us know when to come in and sign stuff. We're down to just waiting for a court date.

We still have some legal bills, so if any of you are feeling generous and would like to help us with our last bit of legal expenses, the link to our GoFundMe page is in the sidebar. Or right here. We still have about $150 that we need to come up with. Thanks!