Friday, September 12, 2008

The reason I've called you all here today is because I'm ready to name the murderer....

We've been on vacation this week, visiting Hubby's family and spending money at the local area fair. We drove up on Tuesday and invaded my mother-in-law's small one-bedroom apartment. My in-laws have all been just wonderful to the girls, and my MIL is tickled that all three of the Fries call her "Gramma."

The girls have been having a good time. Small Fry got scared by the sheep, begging Uncle Hubby to carry her. Medium Fry nearly pitched a fit when we made her leave the piggies. Medium Fry also tried feeding the goats, and got herself kissed for her kindness. Large Fry would talk about nothing but seeing the animals on the very short drive from MIL's to B/SIL's, which is really close to the fair (so we park there and walk down). Not that anything is all that far away in a town with a population of less than 1100....

We took all three of them on the local carousel last night, which happens to be the 3rd oldest in the country and has been beautifully restored. I sat with Large Fry, and Hubby stood between the twin Fries and took a couple of pictures of all of us on the carousel. Large Fry initially wanted her own horsie, but then got scared before we even started moving, and joined me on mine. Medium Fry wasn't all that thrilled during the ride, and wasn't quite sure about all this, but both Small and Large loved it, and Large Fry didn't want to get off.

Tomorrow we're going to take them over to where my MIL is dogsitting three Great Danes....

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