Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's okay, Peehani!

The kids rather dislike our dustbuster. It's loud and it's scary, especially to the twins. Our way of alleviating fears has been to tell them, "It's okay. It's just noise."

And then there's Pa'ani (pronounced by the kids as "Pee-hani"), who isn't necessarily afraid of the dustbuster, but will happily tell anyone he comes across, including the kids, how hard his life is. I think, like Keiki, Pa'ani likes to hear himself talk.

The other day, Medium Fry was in the kitchen, trying to convince Pa'ani of her undying love.

Hubby pulls out the dustbuster and starts running it.

Medium heavily pats Pa'ani, who is still meowing. "Iss okay, Pee-hani! Iss just noise!"

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