Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Skype vs. Stamping

My girls are very aware that they can talk to Gramma through my laptop. So, I'm often asked to get "Gwamma onna compooter."

Sometimes it's because they genuinely miss Gramma and Boppa. Sometimes it's because they don't feel good. Sometimes, like today, it's because we've sustained an owie that only talking to Gramma can fix.

Before lunch, Small Fry either tripped over her own two feet or her socks slid on the wood floor in the toyroom, and she went down. I picked her up immediately, but it wasn't enough. She wailed for Gramma.

I thought I'd remembered Mom telling me that her Wednesday stamping group was meeting at her house, and crossed my fingers, fervently hoping I'd remembered right. When the first Skype call failed, Small Fry was on the verge of becoming inconsolable.

Thankfully, I was right. Mom called back in a minute or so, and Small Fry was much relieved. Boppa came upstairs and was even able to talk for a few minutes while Mom went back to her friends, who had just arrived.

After lunch, Small Fry announced, "I wanna talk to Auntie JS." (My sister.)

So I tried calling, but they weren't showing as actually being online, so I wasn't surprised when the call failed. She was quite distressed...for about ten seconds.

"I wanna talk to Boppa!"

"No, honey. Boppa is working."

"I wanna talk to Gwamma!"

"No, honey. Gramma has friends over. She needs to be with them."

She paused for a minute, then announced matter-of-factly, "Gwamma is stamping."

I smothered a chuckle. "Yes, Gramma is stamping."

"Gwamma's fwiends awre stamping, too."

I don't know that I did so well stifling my chuckle this time. "Yes, Gramma's friends are stamping, too."

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