Friday, June 4, 2010

Conversations. Again.

Lest you think that all the entertaining conversations in this house revolve around the girls, allow me to share this one, between Hubby and I, on Monday night of this week. At bedtime.

The cats have quickly forgiven us for being gone so long, and Koa is effectively pestering me, as usual, as I'm trying to go to sleep. She's just about settled next to me, content for the moment. I'm starting to lean towards dozing off. Then, this....

Hubby: I have determined that Koa is our problem child, the one who will come home drunk and try to sneak in past us.

Me: What makes you say that?

Hubby: Huh?

Me (catching on): You said....

Hubby: I think it's time to put my mask on....

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