Tuesday, October 29, 2013

G.I. Jane

The school nurse called the other day about Large Fry's hearing/vision screening. Given our earlier communications about Large's vision, I had not been surprised that Large flunked the vision screening. The hearing thing was a surprise, but the nurse had said that Large possessed a treasure trove of ear wax, which was surely causing the hearing issues.

Not too long ago, I spotted something at Walton's Market and More that I decided I needed to have: a home otoscope. Small has had tubes in her ears, and I figured having this (and the handy included chart showing what an infected middle ear looks like) would be beneficial for more reasons than just the tubes. That way, I can check first before rushing off to the clinic for ear issues.

So. The nurse had recommended some drops to help eliminate the wax buildup in Large's ears. I chose to treat that. Remembering that my other two were little wax machines (I had to test out my new toy when I got it home, you know), I checked their ears as well. Small sees her ENT next week, so I wasn't going to mess around with that. Medium came over and sat next to me on the couch.

I thought her pants looked a little snug, so I pulled back on her waistband to check the size of her jeans.

"Medium," I exclaimed, "where are your panties?"

"I fohwrgot to put them on."

Yes, ladies and gents, my six-year-old girl has been running around all day today...


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