Thursday, December 5, 2013

First Thing

Medium Fry: Mommy? Two things. I don't have any pants, and Large went into your office.

I groaned inwardly and got up, head still hurting from last night's killer headache. I could hear Large and Small bickering in the kitchen. I got down there and looked around. Medium is now wearing pants. Small, however, is not.

Me [to Large, who isn't wearing her glasses…again]: What did you forget?

Large: Glasses!

Me [to Medium]: I thought you didn't have any pants.

Medium: I found some in my bin.

Me [to Large, who's just reached the stairs]: Why were you in my office?

Large: I was trying to get Pa'ani out.

Me: He's allowed in there.

Medium: She was trying to feed him a brown leaf!

I'd caught him gnoshing on one the other day. Dingbat cat. I sighed.

Me: Large, were you trying to feed him a brown leaf?

Large [cheerfully]: Yes!

Me [knowing I'm going to regret this]: Why were you trying to feed him a leaf?

Large: Because there's no more cat food.

Not true; I'd bought a new bag the other day, and the kids were with me; Hubby probably hadn't gotten it poured into the plastic bin.

Large: And that way he could eat something.

At a hefty 17 pounds, Pa'ani can miss a meal and be fine. However, he chokes on I know from the other night.

Me: There's no more food in the bowls?

Large: Nope!

Me: We have more food. He'll be fine. Please don't feed him leaves. Wait!

I handed her a pair of pants.

Me: Take these down to Small Fry.

Large: Okay!

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