Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Medium came in to our room in the wee hours of the morning, having had a bad dream and needing the security of sleeping with us. I told her to climb on up, and sleepily noted later that Hubby had wrapped his arm around her as they slept (awww).

This morning, Hubby got a call from the church secretary that the internet was out at the office (most likely due to a power outage during last night's storm). He promised he'd be right in. Medium quickly sprawled all over Hubby's side of the bed. He must have given her a look, because this conversation followed...

Medium: My bed!

Hubby: Your bed?

Medium (triumphantly): MY bed!

Hubby: You're crazy!

Medium: You got that right!

Hubby (chuckling): Put that in your blog and smoke it.

Me (sleepily): Oh, yes.

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