Monday, December 15, 2014

Enemies Domestic

Pajama pants? Evil!

Mousies? Evil!

Toes? Evil!

Bar stool legs? Evil!

Oh, look. More toes! Evil!

Ah! An evil dustbunny!

They must all be killed!

This is a land populated with benevolent pink giants and large hairy beasts. It is a good land, but it must be conquered, from the stray papers on the kitchen floor to the pajama pants of the food lady.

I may be wee, but I'm mighty!

Nap time.

I'd like to introduce you to our newest family member. This is Kimo, and he came home to live with us on Saturday. He's seven weeks old, wears a tuxedo like he's born to it, is a huge cuddler, and has a purr so loud that it's surprising his little body can generate that much noise. He also has a little black soul patch on his white chin.

When we had the horrible realization ten days ago that we were losing Pa'ani, Hubby reconsidered his new-kitten ban, especially in light of the upcoming holiday season. I wasn't sure I would be ready this soon, because I miss Pa'ani desperately. But when I saw the lone ad in last Friday's classifieds for free kittens, we decided to see what was available.

Actually, I made Hubby call on Saturday afternoon while I headed out to the grocery store. I was afraid of my reaction if I called and there were no boy kitties. (We really wanted a boy, to keep the balance of power relatively the same.) And we knew we didn't want an orange tabby. I'm not ready for another one yet.

Hubby called me before I'd even gotten five minutes away. He said he would text me if there were no boy kitties, but call me if there were...Kimo was the last boy left in the litter. His orange tabby brother had been adopted a few days earlier. I detoured from going to the store to go over and check out the wee guy.

I was instantly smitten, and sent Hubby a picture so he could approve too. He absolutely agreed, and Kimo and I made the drive home. (I'd been smart enough to bring our small kitty carrier, which was HUGE compared to little Kimo.) Kimo did not approve of the cat carrier, and kept climbing the cage gate, trying to escape.

I think Hubby was almost as excited as I was when I opened the carrier's gate. Hubby's eyes showed a melted heart, and he wanted to go introduce him to the Fries himself. Small was sick and still asleep on the couch in the den, so Hubby cuddled Kimo up to his shoulder and headed for the stairs. "We'll just see how long it takes them to notice," he whispered.

Hubby casually walked into the living room, where Large and Medium Fry were watching TV, and sat down on the loveseat.

It took Medium all of five seconds. "What is that?"

There was much rejoicing.

The existing feline contingent was not nearly as enamored.

Koa, predictably, is...well...verklempt.

Minou, also predictably, is afraid.

Mika is both unsure and slightly jealous, because this tiny interloper has stolen his mama's attention.

There is a tentative truce at the moment, but it's quite comical to watch Kimo arch his back and tail, and puff out every bit of fur he can, in an attempt to be big and scary in the presence of the older cats.

While I still miss Pa'ani so much, Kimo's arrival has been a good thing.

No matter what Koa tells you.


  1. Congratulations on the newest family member. News on other fronts. I have signed to writing book two. The Book of Barkley is a best seller at Amazon and no one is throwing rotten fruit at me so the publisher is OK with another one. It's about adoption. I am going to dedicate it to your family.

    1. That is wonderful news! Congratulations! I am so happy for you.

      And you have made my heart go all gooshy. When my words come back to me, I'll have something clever to say. Thank you. That is very kind and incredibly awesome.

  2. Nothing better than kitten purrs and kitten claws. Looks like you've made a new friend.


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