Friday, February 10, 2017

One Small Piece

Two weeks ago, my best friend JJ shared that her family had some of the greatest news they could share, short of actually bringing their daughter home: their dossier has finally been submitted to the IBESR in Haiti, and they are no longer waiting in line to wait in line. They are actually in the line!

While this is great news, it's still yet more waiting for them—it will be another 18 to 24 months before they actually receive a referral for a child. But at least they are in that short waiting timeframe, comparatively, as opposed to having their dossier wind its way through the miles and miles of red tape that characterize international adoptions. I know my friend, and while the end is still so far away, it's now so close she can almost touch it.

Waiting is hard.

Waiting is hard even when you're a naturally patient person. Neither she nor I falls into that category. God did not gift us with large amounts of patience when he put us together. (I think that gives him an endless sort of amusement with us at times.)

I've heard of things that military wives do when facing their husbands' deployment: buy a six-pack of soda and drink one each month while he's gone, for instance, to help mark and pass the time.

JJ and her family are taking a different tack.

They're putting together a puzzle, one piece at a time. It's a big one, 1000 pieces.

Each piece doesn't represent a day, though. Each piece represents $5 towards bringing their daughter home.

And as each donation rolls in, the name of the person who donated goes on the back of a puzzle piece. One day, their daughter will come home, and she'll have a beautiful finished puzzle waiting for her...and on the back, the names of all the people who believed in her and her forever family enough to help bring her home.

Hubby and I don't have a whole lot of spare cash rolling around these days, but this is important to us, so we've sponsored our piece. Your $5 will help give a little girl the world.
These pieces have already been donated!


It's her family. That's her whole world, right there.

The hyperlink above will give you the direct link to give, or you can click on the puzzle picture in my sidebar.

Thanks in advance from all of us at Team Baby Shelton.

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