Sunday, June 8, 2008

How to fix crankiness....

Realize that, despite the air conditioners running upstairs, it's still very stuffy in the girls' room, and they just got up from their naps.

Put Andre Rieu: In Wonderland, burned especially for them by their beloved Boppa, in the DVD player.

Give them juice.

See happy smiles.

Feel your heart break anyway when the oldest one, still not quite up to snuff (because it's been a long day and we woke her up from her nap so she didn't sleep too late), starts crying for Mama.

Realize you want to boink their mama in the eyes, for she does not deserve their loyalty--they've been here a week, she knows they're here, and she hasn't bothered to call. For someone who supposedly wants custody of her children, it boggles my mind that she hasn't even tried contact them once.

But love those happy smiles all the more, and treasure every memory.

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