Monday, June 30, 2008

A New Game

It's almost 11 a.m. My thoughts are turning towards lunch. All the urchins have clean diapers. Small Fry required a wardrobe change, and so I chased her down in the playroom, sat on a small, yellow plastic chair that's nowhere near my size, and wrestled her (seriously!) into clean clothes.

Large Fry announces she wants a hug, and comes over to me. So, I effusively hug her, shrieking, "Hug a Large Fry!" I let her go, and she tears away...but only as far as the doorway.

"Again!" she shouts, and comes running towards me.

And the game is on.

For the next twenty minutes, she comes screaming and running pell-mell into my arms, so I can hug her and shriek, "Hug a Large Fry!" in various intonations, and start all over again.

Okay, so this is why this craziness is worth it.

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