Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It does not get any more exciting than this!

It's dinnertime here at Casa Fries, and I'm setting a bad example by posting on LJ while eating dinner with the girls.

Tonight's entree (for all four of us girls) is grilled cheese sandwiches, and...wait for it...letter-shaped tater tots.

Large Fry wasn't too enthused with actual tater tots when I tried those before. Now she's happily squooshing the leaked-out cheese from her sandwich into the holes of a Tater-B. Apparently this is a combo that works. Then again, she did think the alpha-tots were "cookies." If I could just get her to eat instead of play....

Medium and Small Fries are just as happily devouring.

Yes, I'm having grilled cheese and alphatatertots too. My sandwich has a bit more pizazz, though. I added garlic powder and leaf oregano. Yum.

Dessert will probably be more of those frosted sugar cookies that Hubby loves so much. I'll cut them in half for the Fries, which means I get the last half guilt-free. After all, I'm making sure half a cookie doesn't get left behind.

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