Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why is it...

...that the phone always rings at the moment you are least inclined to answer it, or be able to answer it?

...that three perfectly happy and content children suddenly become little banshees the minute you're indisposed?

...that the children have no desire to play "huggie!" when they're clean, but only when they're covered in PB&J from their hair to their high chair trays?

...that motherhood is not allowed sick days?

...that I only have an appetite for cough drops and not real food?

...that I didn't complain yesterday when the P.A. prescribed doxycycline and I know how it affects me? (Oh, yeah, I forgot.)

...that the three-year-old has discovered she can blame the cat(s) for things?

...that I can't find another pair of little socks? (Not that it matters; Faith would whip them off anyway.)

...that I "lost" the classical radio station Wednesday afternoon at naptime, but found it again at bedtime that same night?

...that the three-year-old insists on smooshing her sandwich quarters together into "birthday cake"?

...that I wonder these questions when I shouldn't even be asking them?

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