Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth

Grandma, bless her heart, found the perfect Christmas gift for Large Fry. A Little People (tm) Princess & Carriage set, with the Prince sold separately.

Mind you, we have three girls.

But this was Large Fry's gift, since she is more into princesses than the other two.

The carriage has wheels, though. So it moves. And it has a little horsey to go with it. And we've all had lots of fun putting little stuffed animals into it and pushing it around.

This afternoon, Large Fry was playing with it. The horsey is actually riding around IN the carriage, but who cares?

My rather independently-minded two-year-old does.

Boy, it seems all my stories seem to revolve around her.

Medium Fry is grabbing at the carriage. Screaming on both parties is about to ensue. To preserve what precious little sanity I have, I intervene.

"Medium Fry, Large Fry is playing with that. You have to go find something else."

A round little face crinkles with disappointment, and the wails commence.

"I duhwn simpinls!!!"

"Honey, I can't understand you. What's wrong?"

This time it's intelligible enough (despite the wails) that I grasp what she's saying.

"I doan wan' somesing else!!!"

"I'm sorry. Large Fry is playing with it. We have lots of other toys to play with. You need to get a different toy."

Wails crescendo, and Medium cries and disappears through the living room doorway...towards the timeout corner by the front door.

Where I did not send her.

If only the three-year-old would punish herself....

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