Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Going Quackers

Duckies are, as you might have guessed, one of the more important things in my house right now. I recently bought three backup duckies for Medium Fry, because we were constantly losing the primary duckie, which is really starting to show how well-loved it really is.

Medium, however, is now starting to notice the difference between her first duckie and the three new backups. She's been rather adamant that the new ones aren't hers. So, I decided to hide the first, well-loved duckie and let her use nothing but the backups until they look a little less new.

And so today, we started out with her having two of those three duckies. She would bring one over to me, say it was mine, and go sit on the couch with the other. And in a few minutes, she'd come over and trade duckies with me.

After lunch, however, I couldn't find either of them. The twins desperately needed to go down for a nap and I didn't want to waste time looking for them, so I grabbed the last duck for Medium to nap with.

I planned to keep my eye on it once she got up and make sure I knew where it was when bedtime came.

I love it when a plan doesn't come together.

Of course, I didn't see it anywhere after dinner.

I got all the girls changed into their nighties (they feel so grown-up wearing them) and realized I needed to find a duck.

Hmmm. Not under the couch. Not under the couch cushions. Not in any of the other hidey-holes Medium favors when stashing her duckie somewhere.

As I was picking up blankets and boas and pillows that had been strewn on the floor throughout the day, seeing if there was a duckie underneath, I notice that one of the couch throw pillows has a funny lump under the cover.

A duckie-shaped lump.

I unzip the pillow cover, and sure enough, there are the two missing duckies from before naptime!

One of them went upstairs with Medium and the other was safely stashed.

I found the third a little while ago, abandoned in the middle of the toy room floor.

I did not, however, find the clicker for the DVD player that I was looking for.

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