Thursday, October 15, 2009

Conversations. Again. Really.

Large Fry: Pee-hani, I'm going to go ask Auntie J.

[footsteps as Large Fry walks from kitchen to living room]

Large Fry: Auntie J, Pee-hani didn't listen to me.

Me: That's okay, he doesn't listen to me, either.

[footsteps back to kitchen; Pa'ani meows]

Large Fry: I'm gonna go ask Auntie J, 'cause I'm in trouble.


Large Fry: Auntie J, I'm in trouble because Pee-hani didn't listen to me.

[footsteps back to Pa'ani; clearly a response from me is not needed]

Large Fry: Pee-hani, come here! Come here!

Honestly, I think she has about as much chance of getting Pa'ani to "come here" as I do getting her to do the same....

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