Friday, October 30, 2009

Hair-brushing time is one of the most trying here in my house. There's fine hair, thick hair, coarse hair...and all of it curly! Small Fry seems to think that the brush is an instrument of torture. Large Fry will sit relatively still and let me brush and comb out her hair.

And then there's Medium Fry. All those tight curls wind themselves into often tight tangles, so even liberal application of detangling spray solution doesn't always make it easy.

It's not unusual for her to scream and cry when I'm trying to brush out her hair.

Today was no different. She screamed. Cried. Pulled away (which only makes things worse). Hollered at the top of her lungs. Demanded her Uncle D.

I'm working on a small section of particularly stubborn tangles when she wails, "I want my kitty cat!"

I lean around to kinda look at her face. She often says this when she wants the diaper that has Periwinkle the kitten on it. "What kitty?" I ask.

"I want my Popoki!" she demands.

I decided that telling her that "her" Popoki wouldn't want to be around all that screaming wasn't a good idea.

I also decided that telling Po she's been annexed by Medium isn't a good idea either.

Although...I suspect Po already knows, given the number of full-body hugs she's endured.

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