Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Traveling Conversations

Medium Fry (trying to zip her coat up around her carseat harness): It's stuck!

Hubby: You're fine.

Medium Fry (with more desperation): It's stuck!!

Hubby: Medium, you're fine.

Medium Fry: You'wre killing me!

Hubby (in moderate shock): No, I'm not!

Medium Fry: Yes! Youw're killing me!

Hubby: I'm not killing you!

Medium Fry: Yes!

Hubby: No, I'm not.

Medium Fry: You'wre silly, Unca D!

Hubby: You're silly, Medium.

Medium Fry: No! You'wre silly, Unca D!

Are we home yet?

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