Monday, March 29, 2010

What Happens in Wendy's Stays in Wendy's

We had to run over to Lowe's tonight to look at something to replace our now-dead coat tree. By the time we were ready to go, it was dinnertime, so we opted to just hit the Wendy's that was in a nearby plaza first.

We were finishing up and getting ready to leave. I'd just come back from the ladies' room, and Medium Fry was giggling over the fact that she'd put her coat on upside down again.

The older couple at a booth near where we sat waved to the girls and said goodbye. The girls giggled and waved back.

As I picked up my phone and purse, I looked at the gentleman, who was the one facing our table. "Were they flirting with you?" I asked in mock fierceness.

"I started it!" he admitted with an unrepentant grin, as his wife said a beat later, "Oh, he's the one who started it!"

I just laughed.

He went on, "I couldn't help it. When I see an infectious smile like that, I just have to flirt a little."

"They do have infectious grins," I said, looking over at the girls as they wandered towards the door, following Hubby.

His smile remained unrepentant as he looked over at the girls, who giggled on their way out.

I waved goodbye myself, and followed after them.

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