Sunday, June 12, 2011

Milo and Otis

Aunt P, one of my dad's sisters, sent back The Adventures of Milo and Otis with Mom and Dad, for the Fries, when my parents went to Dad's hometown to visit three of his sisters.  (And Aud, of course, a cousin who's like a sibling.)

The Fries got the extra-special treat of being able to camp out in Gramma's living room and eat their supper of PB&J sandwiches there while they watched the movie.

Mom found some pictures of kittens and a pug puppy online that could be printed off and colored by the kids, as a way of saying thank you to their great aunt P.  While poor Boppa is trying to work after the movie, the Fries were at the kitchen table, coloring pictures.  Large Fry was also writing a short note to say thanks, and tell Great Aunt P which one she liked best, Milo or Otis.

Medium was coloring industriously and rambling about the different things they'd seen in the movie.  Mom was standing at the sink and let out a startled laugh when Medium asked this:

"Did they poop out babies?"

I thought Mom was going to have a coughing fit from trying to hold in her laughter.  She repeated the question to make sure Hubby and I heard it.

"Yes," she said over her shoulder to Medium Fry, "they did 'poop' out babies."

"One puppy and one kitten, at least," Hubby said.  "But they didn't really poop them out."

I have to say, "pooping" out babies as a way to describe birth is like saying that their backsides "burped" when they passed gas.

I think I'll save this story for the reception....

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