Thursday, June 23, 2011

What REALLY happens...

...when Auntie tries to take a break for just five minutes and runs to the bathroom:

  • Small Fry "flies" a Lego Duplo-block "plane" over my head, shoulders and arms...and then asks if it tickles.
  • Small Fry asks me to help her "fix" her plane, which she's already fixed.
  • Small Fry asks what I'm doing.
  • Large Fry comes in to see what's happening.
  • Large Fry starts combing my bangs with her little toy comb.  ("Your hair is so pretty," she says to me.)
  • Small Fry announces that Large needs the mirror to see what she's doing to my hair, and runs off to get it.
  • Small Fry studiously watches as Large Fry holds the mirror so I can sorta see her combing my bangs in long as I'm straining my eyes, looking way, way up.
  • Large Fry asks me to take my hairzing combs out, so that she can comb the rest of my hair.
  • As I'm doing that, Small Fry grabs herself and says she has to go potty "really bad."
  • I now have to extricate myself with relative haste.  Small Fry meanders over to the dryer, is shocked that the door is hot, and then wants me to "count" as she jumps on the big 16"-square tiles, making her way from one end of the room to the other.

Thankfully, I managed to conclude the business that sent me into the bathroom in the first place.

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