Monday, January 20, 2014

Oh, goody. A school holiday.

So far today, I have:

*Ascertained why Medium Fry is bawling (before I even got dressed). Evil Daddy assigned "too much" chores.
*Checked with Hubby, because the chores Medium said he gave her did not make sense (she was supposed to clean her room by herself, particularly).
*Determined that Hubby did NOT assign the bedroom-cleaning chore, more specifically, did not insist that Medium was to do it solo.
*Fielded a phone call from Hubby, who wished to speak with Medium regarding her prevarication.
*Insisted that all three Fries eat (a very late) breakfast, which explained some of the squabbling.
*Ate my own breakfast. (Yay for bacon!)
*Filled crock pot stoneware with soapy hot water so I could clean it later.
*Folded a load of laundry.
*Started a load of laundry.
*Had the sudden realization that it's nearly noon, and I still haven't gotten dinner in the crock pot. Oops.
*Washed the crock pot.
*Seasoned the roaster chicken for dinner tonight, and then realized that I should have scrubbed, quartered, and foiled the potatoes before seasoning the chicken.
*Put potatoes and chicken into the crock pot. On high, yes, please.
*Made a tie for Small Fry's duckie...because he's getting married to Small's Piggy today. (I'm invited to the wedding.)
*Realized I have not even gotten started on work today. Sigh.
*Listened to an avid conversation about weddings in the kitchen while Small made her wedding dress for Piggy. Large was recounting Daddy Bro's wedding to StepMommy, and grabbed my wedding album to ask me what the "thing" on my head was. That's a veil, sweetheart.
*Not yet made lunch. I should do that.

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