Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Big Picture

One of the presents we got for the kids for Christmas was a game for the whole family: Big Picture Apples to Apples. I thought it would be easier for the kids to be able to play, if they were using pictures as opposed to words. It also has a hidden benefit for Large, which I didn't realize when I bought it, but I digress.

The Green Apple cards still have words on them, so they've been sounding out some new words as we've played. But the Red Apple cards are all pictures, some of them quite hilarious all on their own.

School got canceled for tomorrow, because of the ridiculously cold weather, so when the kids begged to play it again tonight after dinner, we said yes.

So there we are, seated around the dining room table, and Medium Fry is the judge.

"Drop-Dead Gorgeous," she reads, after we help her a little with pronunciation.

I momentarily debate among my picture cards, then smirk, and show this one to Hubby, who's sitting to my left:

He guffaws, and tells me I just have to play it.

So I do.

The Fries giggled for five minutes straight, and kept looking back through the pile of Red Apple cards just to find it so they could laugh some more. (No, I didn't win. Some lady in a pretty, red, strapless dress did. Good thing Medium was the judge.)

The truly hilarious thing was that Medium actually got the joke.

I really think I should've won.

A few minutes later, Small Fry is the judge, and her Green Apple card says "Squishy." I played a very poor card, and lobbied for the fact that my picture had a lady with "squishy" big hair, and lost anyway.

We're all drawing replacement Red Apple cards when Small leans over and grabs a handful of Hubby's chest. "Squishy!"

This sent everyone into fits of giggles, except Hubby, who looked mildly shocked and then sort of long-suffering. Small, continuing to chortle, grabbed Hubby's arm, earlobe, and goatee, proclaiming them all, "Squishy!"

I begged him to let me get a picture of Small's first squishy grab as a re-do, but he declined. (Loudly. And repeatedly.)

And then came the hand when nobody had anything good to play. Hubby was the judge.

He just sort of stared at the cards.

Yeah, what would you have picked?

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