Thursday, February 20, 2014


My musical tastes are somewhat eclectic. Most people who know me are aware of this. While there are certain styles of music that I simply will not listen to based on principle (gangsta rap comes to mind here), I love classical and rock and just about anything inbetween. I will also admit I'm something of a musical purist, in that I generally like the first version of a song best. Remixes aren't my thing, especially if I loved the song to begin with.

There are some notable exceptions: dc Talk's remix of "Jesus Freak" resonated more with me than the original did. Then there are a couple of mash-up groups I absolutely love: Rock Sugar, which blends the best of 80s pop and heavy metal; and The Piano Guys, who do amazing covers/interpretations of both popular music and mash-ups of new and popular music with classical. This boggles my husband's mind, knowing how I am about music and doing something to "mess with" originals. But I love them all the same, although the differences between Rock Sugar and TPG's musical styles are vastly different.

TPG has done a wide variety of mash-up covers ("Michael Meets Mozart" and "Titanium/Pavane"), as well as their own arrangements of recent and not-so-recent hits (Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" and Elvis's "Can't Help Falling in Love," for example). And they are fabulous.

Not only that, but they do some amazing videos to go along with these musical concoctions.

Yesterday, TPG released their newest song/video (I really recommend going to full screen):

Why, yes, they did blend a Disney song with 17th-century composer Antonio Vivaldi's "Winter" from his most famous work, The Four Seasons.

As I listened, I found I could pick out which was "Frozen" and which was "Winter." But the arrangement is impeccable.

Here's the Disney song which inspired the new arrangement:

This is "Winter":

It's amazing how seamlessly these two pieces, written centuries apart, work together.

For kicks, here's the behind-the-scenes video, showing everything that went into creating this TPG video.

Then I'd honestly suggest going back, and listening to the TPG song again. This time, just listen, and scroll down from the video and click on "See more" under the "About" section. They tell the story for how this beautiful arrangement came to be, as well as where they filmed.

Really, I don't think you'll be sorry you did.

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