Friday, May 9, 2014

Random Thoughts

A semi-brief update on life here in the last few weeks...

  • I survived The Single Mommy Experiment 2014, although it was not without a few hiccups. Here we are, making silly faces at the airport after Daddy got on the plane and we were trying to be brave.

  • The Fries all decided that they needed Daddy Shirts to help them sleep while Daddy was gone:
    Large with Teddy, Daddy's bear.

    Medium needs $1 million in ransom...

    Small could fit in there three times, I think.
  • Medium Fry still missed Daddy so much that she put her Daddy Shirt on over her clothes as soon as she got home from school on Monday. 
    Still waiting on that ransom money...
  • Large Fry's third grade spring concert also occurred while Hubby was away. Fortunately, Gramma and Uncle D came out to see Large perform. She did a great job, along with all the other third graders.

  • The appeal-filing deadline came and went while Hubby was in Florida, sufferin' fo' da Lawd. However, we found out the day after the deadline passed that the appeal had indeed been filed on the very last day. It was disheartening, maddening, and saddening. Bro is appealing on the grounds that we failed to make our case that he had failed to act as a parent in the six months prior to the filing, and that the court failed to properly determine the parent-child bond between Bro and the Fries. We had really hoped the deadline would pass without incident, and I hadn't realized how deep my hope was until our lawyer emailed with the news that she'd been served the appeals paperwork.
  • Small was scheduled for a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy on May 7, so the night before (naturally) I scooted down to the urgent care one town south just before they closed, because I had a horribly nasty sore throat that had only gotten worse as they day went on. Viral sore throat/tonsillitis, the doc said, and I would just have to let it run its course. She gave me a prednisone taper to help with the swelling and soreness, and said I just needed to be smart and careful (washing my hands a lot and using sanitizer) and I could be at the hospital with Small Fry the next day.
  • Small's surgery was a success, and her ENT said that her tonsils were enormous (no surprise) and that her adenoids were severely obstructing the passages at the back of her nose/throat, so both had really needed to come out. He assured me she came through surgery like a champ. It was horribly hard to come back into recovery and hear her moaning, crying, and gagging. I knew she wasn't quite awake yet and was hurting. Mom came out bearing gifts, and Small and I spent the night in the hospital just to be safe. She's doing great, and is able to eat soft foods already, although she's still favoring jello and Pediasure shakes. Anything that keeps her hydrated is fine with me.
  • I traipsed over to the local walk-in clinic this morning since I've been barking like a seal ever since we got home from the hospital, and it was only getting worse. Sure enough, my viral sore throat brewed itself into a nice sinus infection, and I feel worse than Small Fry does. I'm heading to bed soon as a result.


  1. I am so glad that you posted a update. You guys have been on my mind and heart and I too was hoping a praying for the deadline to pass with nothing filed. My wife and I continue to pray for a quick and peaceful end to this nonsense.

    PS I swear the fries get cuter every time you post a picture

    1. Thanks, Larry. I can't tell you how much it means to me that people who've only "met" us in the ether care enough about my kids to pray for us and our situation. Our lawyer says that Bro doesn't win on either count according to the law, which is comforting, but it doesn't pull us out of limbo just yet. However, the current orders are now the termination orders, so the girls are ours. We just can't finish the adoption until we get past this appeal.

      And thanks. They are cute, aren't they? :)

  2. Glad she's doing OK after surgery. Having the tonsils and adnoids out will help a lot.

    Sorry to hear that you have to go through the appeal, but it will work itself out. Sounds like you have a good lawyer, and no judge likes to have to defend a decision.

    We'll be keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. Keep your head up.


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