Friday, May 30, 2014


Today, we finally got the judge's full opinion, written in response to Bro's Concise Statement of Matters Complained of on Appeal. (Yes, it's really called that. Welcome to Legalese 101.)

I say that we go the full opinion today, because we had half of it last week. The judge sends her opinions/rulings/whatevers printed back-to-back (I know from previous orders), and the secretary at our lawyer's office must not have realized that when she copied the opinion to mail to us. So, we only got the even-numbered pages.


We were so entertained.

It was both amusing and comically frustrating to read only every other page and have to muse about the pages we missed. We got all this last Saturday, so I emailed our lawyer right away to let her know. She replied right back (is it any wonder we love this lady?) and said she'd talk to the secretary on Tuesday, and explaining that the judge always did paperwork back-to-back. That was, of course, exactly what I figured had happened.

I anxiously awaited the mail this week, and when no fat white envelopes arrived from the lawyer's, I emailed her this morning. She kindly scanned in the odd-numbered pages and emailed them to me this afternoon.

So, I went to print them out, and...

Cannot print. Printer is in an error state.

Say what?

He's so cute when he's sleeping.
I went upstairs and checked. I was the last one to use the printer, after all. I'd printed out an invoice yesterday for my business records, and window had popped up for the printer, but didn't display an error message.

The printer was OFF.


There was only one explanation.


Darn cat. He likes to chase, catch, and/or play with the pages as the printer spits them out. Any time I print more than a page, I close my office door first, so he won't cause a printer jam. Dingbat cat.

He must have been in there when I printed the invoice (which printed again as soon as I turned the machine back on) yesterday, and pawed it off. Toad.

The machine continued with printing our previously-missing pages of the order, and I closed my office door. (I stupidly didn't check to make sure Pa'ani was not in my office, but that turned out okay; he was on the couch next to where I was sitting when I got back downstairs.)

When I collated the pages together so the order was finally complete, I sat down to read.

Oh, it was lovely. It warmed the cockroaches of my heart.

Have I mentioned before that I love our judge? 'Cause I love our judge.

It's pretty safe to say that she decimated my brother's arguments. I sent Hubby a text with a quote from one of the pages we didn't have before, and he replied back, "Ooooooo."

I've read the full opinion twice now, and Hubby has read it once.

We are once again thoroughly impressed with our judge, so glad we had her, and I'll tell you...her opinion gives me a huge rush of something I haven't felt in a long time about all this.



  1. is this just the judges answer that was sent to whoever is hearing the appeal. Or is this like the final answer bug off go away ain't gonna happen Auntie J is gonna have em forever paper.

    1. Oh, I wish it was the latter. No, this is the judge's response to the Superior Court regarding my brother's appeal, and her defense of her decisions in direct response to the items he's complaining about. This goes to the Superior Court and all the attorneys of record in the case (including the Fries' GAL), and then Bro's attorney has a month (I believe) to file her brief in response to the judge's opinion. Then our attorney has a month to file her brief in response to Bro's attorney's brief, and then in another four to six weeks (I'm guessing here), the Superior Court hears arguments.

      Now, Bro has requested a meeting again, and our attorney seems to think that's worth a shot, and if we can come to an agreement (he's not going to like what we're willing to offer, I know), then that stops the appeal. The Act 101 post-contact adoption agreement is filed with the court. Then the adoption can proceed. I don't anticipate him being willing to agree to our terms, which means it'll be a short meeting. But his lawyer has indicated that he wants to meet and would "likely" be willing to accept less than what he's said he wanted before.

      So, because Ms. Sciuto says it's worth the attempt, we are trying to schedule this meeting. She hasn't steered us wrong yet.

  2. I am praying that there is intervention that allows adoption to go forward ASAP. It is way past time for you guys the true parents of those children to also be the legal parents of those children.

    1. Thanks, Larry. We really appreciate that.

  3. A little good news goes a long way. Bending my knees and crossing my fingers for you all!

    1. Thanks so much, DB. We are so thankful for your prayers, as well!


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