Monday, November 17, 2014

10.5 Hours

I am beyond gobsmacked (which is, by the way, a really great word).

It's been ten and a half hours since I posted my GoFundMe link here, and the campaign was live about half an hour before that.

As of the last time I refreshed my page, we were a scant $10 away from meeting our goal of $1200.

I'm overwhelmed. Our God is so gracious, merciful, and and generous.

And so are our friends. And even a couple of strangers.

If you're just now seeing my GoFundMe post or this one, and ...

Breaking news! We just made our goal! *cue confetti cannons*

As I was saying.

The link to our campaign is there in my sidebar, under the picture of my family from Christmas, 2012. If you're just now seeing this, and would still like to do something, the campaign is still live. We can still accept donations. Anything above and beyond the $1200 raised for our legal fees will be set aside for the huge party we plan to have next spring (we don't want winter weather to keep people from coming) to celebrate.

So, if you still want to help us out, please do not think that us having met our goal means that you're out of luck. We are incredibly grateful for everyone who's contributed.

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  1. That is wonderful. I had not seen it and had just posted a go fund me link on facebook for one of my regular blog readers (a senior lady on full disability) that had a major plumbing issue and has been without water for 3 weeks. Sorry I missed this

    I'm so glad and will be jumping and celebrating when that party happens.


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