Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Thanksgiving Conversation

Medium Fry: Dad, can I have more apple pie?

Hubby: No.

Hubby's sister Lou: Well, that's because you didn't ask Auntie Lou!

Medium [marches into the kitchen]: Auntie Lou, can I have more pie?

Lou: Well, of course you can!

When Small Fry wanted more cake, she skipped asking Dad entirely.

Lou: What do you need?

Small: More cake!

Lou [cutting two pieces]: Now, which one do you want?

Small points.

Lou: Oh, the one on the end with more frosting! Excellent choice.

Of course, Small could only eat the frosting flowers, and then said she was full. So I finished it off.

From our family to yours, happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Too cute - I am so sorry I missed your whole fundraiser - my Dad was back in the hospital and I had saved posts coming up but was doing no reading. If there's anything else I can do to help please send me an email. May you have many more wonderful holidays like this with your children.


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