Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I have a borderline migraine, so I've been laying low all day.

This was complicated by the fact that we got four inches of snow today, and so the kids were sent home early when only half that amount had fallen.

Large came home saying that she had felt carsick on the bus. No surprise there. The bus was probably warm, the skies were gray, it was snowing, and she doesn't sit in the very first row of the bus. I told her to go rest for awhile before starting on her homework.

Hubby came home and promptly went out to snowblow the driveway and sidewalks.

I dragged myself out of the nice, dark den and into the kitchen to hunt down ideas for dinner so Hubby wouldn't have to when he came in. I found a couple boxes of Hamburger Helper-type stuff and started that.

Medium came into the kitchen to see what I was doing.

And then the inquisition began.

Medium: Mommy, is there such a person as Mother Nature?

I thought for a moment.

Me: Well, yes and no.

Medium: What does that mean?

Me: No, Mother Nature isn't a person. But that's how a lot of people talk about the changing seasons and weather and stuff like that.

Medium [boisterously]: It should be Father Nature, since God is our father! He made everything, so that's why it should be Father Nature!

Me [groaning inwardly]: Actually, people talk about Mother Nature and Father Time.

Medium [apparently sensing that further inquisition will not go over well]: Oh. Well, I'm not going to ask about that because it would be annoying.

Me: Not annoying, honey. But my head hurts a lot, and it would be too hard for me to explain it right now.

Medium: You know what I like best about us?

Me: What?

Medium: We're annoying!

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