Thursday, January 22, 2015

I'll just leave this right here...


  1. Denied! That was the last possible appeal? Do I understand that right??

    1. To the best of our understanding, right! He does have the right to submit an application to the Supreme Court to reconsider their denial, but due to the nature of the appeal (it's a Children's Fast Track appeal), he only has seven days to be able to do that. However, the Supreme Court does not like getting applications for reconsideration, and they require that such applications are short and that counsel certifies that the request for reconsideration is made in good faith and not simply being used as a delaying tactic. I am not sure that his lawyer would be required to submit that application if my brother is so inclined, and I'm quite convinced the court would't even waste their time considering the application for reconsideration, much less grant it. And he would only be allowed to do that once.

      So, it seems we're at the end of the appeal process at the end of this week!


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