Wednesday, April 8, 2015


On Sunday, we drove out to my folks' after church for an Easter dinner together.

And we stayed several hours. Long enough for me to barely hold my personal title of "Amazing Wii Archer" for three rounds, and finally losing to my dad (I'm practicing, Dad).

Finally we rounded up the Fries and headed for home.

Since we retired the minivan for a Nissan Altima, the kids don't have quite the backseat view that they did before. Large Fry sits in the middle, with a twin on either side. Medium, who was behind me, was leaning over and apparently squishing Large, to Large's great consternation, and so there was a discussion about why Medium was encroaching on Large's personal space.

Medium explained that she can't see the dash and wanted to see what time it was.

She didn't enunciate "can't" well enough for her older sister...

Large: C-A-N-T?

Medium:  Can't.

Large: C-A-N-T.

Medium: C-A-N-apostrophe-T.

In the front, I smothered a chuckle.

Despite not giving birth to this child, and only having a smattering of shared genetics, she did exactly what I would have done.

I am in SO much trouble.

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