Thursday, April 2, 2015


One of my favorite pictures ever is this one:

Wee ones in the window.

I took this on June 2, 2008, four days into The Parenthood Experiment.

I had no idea on that day that they would still be here with us, seven years later.

Nor that, a week from now, this moment, their adoption will be official and we will be an official, legal family.

You'll note I didn't say we'd finally be a real family...but that's because we've been that for nearly seven years as it is. But now, when I say these precious Fries are my daughters, I'm not talking in theoreticals. I'll be talking in realities.

They'll be issued new birth certificates, with me (who's never even been pregnant) listed as their mother, Hubby as their father.

That just gets me every time. (It also entertains me to no end, but we all know I'm really weird.)

We're in the process of planning our big bash to celebrate, and I'm sorting through my rather extensive pictures over the last seven years. How in the world will I ever narrow down my choices? I have too many great ones!

Princess jammies! (August-ish, 2008)

Visiting Daddy's family for the first time, Sept. 2008

And we put the angel on top of the tree... (11/08)

Basket buddies, December 2008.

Enthroned Fries, Ice Fest 2009 (Feb).

Yes, that sucker is hand carved.
Park playtime, spring 2009.

Tire swings are fun! (Hubby took this one; spring 2009.)

Our first Easter together: 2009. I loved those dresses!

Spring fun at Gramma's, May 2009.

Straw horse at the farm where we got pumpkins in 2009!

First soft-serve ice cream! (November 2009, I think.)

Sledding for the first time! (January/February 2010)

Easter 2010, in Gramma & Boppa's backyard.

Four princesses! Downtown Disney, Orlando, FL (5/10)

"We love the Buckeyes!" (Fall 2010.)

Christmas 2010.

Easter 2011: blowing kisses!

Easter 2012: first one at our new house!

Christmas 2012: all tied up!

Christmas, 2013.

Easter, 2014.
Four princesses, round two: July 2014.

Christmas morning with Kimo, 2014!
 And these are just some of them!

How am I supposed to choose?

I suppose this is a good problem to have, after all...

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