Saturday, October 9, 2010

Modesty v. Toilet Training

We're potty training the twins.

Due to the general upheaval in their lives when they came to live with us, it took Large Fry until she was almost 4 to successfully toilet train.  The twin Fries are at about the same age.  Medium has kind of grasped least during the day.  And as long as you don't consider her deliberate accident the other day.  (Sigh.)

Small Fry is lagging behind.  Now, we know that all kids train when they're ready, and there's not much you can do to make them be ready.  And my mother is very fond of reminding me that the girls all have a charming genetic predisposition to belated toilet training.

Now, most of the time, because they're still so little, the girls are not all that modest.  However, because Unca D is the only boy in the house, and he demands pwivacee when he goes potty, the girls have taken to making similar demands when they go to the bathroom.

Last week, while I was in the throes of my usual payroll-week insanity for work, Hubby was mostly doing the munchkin wrangling.  Large Fry was off at school, so it was just the twin Fries at home.  Sometimes, that's more than enough for hilarity to ensue.

He sends Small Fry to go potty.  And she has a total conniption.


Because she didn't want the kitty--who was also in the bathroom, because that's where the water dishes are--to see her giwrl pawrts.

The girl kitty.

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