Sunday, April 15, 2012


"When I take a bite, my toof huwrts."  Medium pauses in eating her PB&J sandwich to tell me this.

"I'm sorry," I said.

"I fink it was fwom when we were at our old house."

"I don't think so."

Medium begins to tell a rambling tale about her hurting tooth and how she fell at our old house and how that happened and how this is why her tooth hurts now.

And then she tries to take another bite.

And screams.

I call her over.

She's crying.  "It bwoke!  My toof bwoke!"

"Let me see."

She opened her mouth and I peered inside.


What do you know?

Medium has her first loose tooth, the same one that Large lost first.  And peeking in behind it, just barely having breached the gums, is her permanent tooth.

"It didn't break, honey.  You have your first loose tooth!"

Her eyes widened and a grin split her face.  "YAAAAAAAY!"

She was so excited it took me a few minutes to get her calmed down enough to remind her that she still needed to eat her sandwich.

"How?  Do I eat on da side?"

"Yes, honey."

As I finished making my own dinner (I was not in a PB&J mood), Medium bopped into the kitchen.  "I wanna call Gwramma.  Can we call Gwramma?"

"Of course."  We have to call Gramma.  She has a tooth tin to make!

And I apparently need to go to the post office tomorrow and get some dollar coins.

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