Monday, April 30, 2012

TSME, Day Two

Misadventures of the day (so far; it's not bedtime yet):

  • Explained to Small Fry that I didn't care if she didn't like her non-Dora panties.  She still had to wear them.
  • Held a very hectic Skype call with Hubby as I cajoled (with great volume and gusto) the girls to actually eat breakfast.
  • Walked a happy, bopping, perfectly fine Large Fry across the street to school.
  • Drove the twins to preschool, despite major meltdowns from both, who were angry at me and  wanted Daddy to come save them from Meanie Mommy.  Especially when I shouted at Small Fry to get out of the driver's seat of the van and into her carseat so that I could drive them, not her.  I am so evil, I know.  (I'd told her to get in and get buckled, which she the driver's seat...and locked the door so I couldn't get in and make her move.)
  • Came home and had breakfast myself, then crashed, making a mental note to vacuum when I got up (again).
  • Mom called.  Large Fry's school had called her after not being able to reach me, telling her that Large Fry was in the nurse's office, had been for the past hour, and was complaining that her belly hurt.  With no fever.  And obligatory whimpering and poor-me moaning.
  • Called the nurse back.  Explained that Daddy is away and this is probably what's causing half of Large's issues.  The rest of it...well, some applesauce will probably fix it.  We determined I would come get her anyway, and I figured that I would just force Large Fry to sit and do nothing when I knew she felt fine.
  • Walked back to get Large Fry and updated my cell number with the school office.
  • Picked up papers and stuff on the floor and started a load of whites.  Ran vacuum on the kitchen level.  Determined fast that a Bissell upright is not designed to be used on stairs, and replacing the now-dead Shark we had (which would have worked great) is now a priority.
  • Vacuumed foyer on entry level, and wondered about suction problems and dust cup issues.  Discover major fur buildup, and spend a good five minutes pulling it out.
  • Called to Large Fry, asking her to bring up the dustbuster from the kitchen.  Commence pitiful whining and moaning about how much her belly hurts.  (I make her do it anyway.)
  • Finish vacuuming house.  Marvel at how much better vacuum works now that it doesn't have two kittens' worth of fur stuck way up inside.
  • Write brief grocery list.  Pack Large Fry into van and off to Lowe's.
  • Find portable, stair-easy vac...but of course the only model they have is the display, and the powerhead attachment that I need isn't there.  (This is what online shopping is for.)
  • Next stop, Walmart.  Groceries.  Happy Large Fry, who is thrilled at the idea of pizza muffins for dinner tonight.
  • Upon seeing the time, decide to stop at preschool/daycare and pick up twin Fries.  Due to overcast skies and impending storms, Large Fry gets carsick on the seven-minute drive between Walmart and preschool.  (Thankfully, she had her plastic 32-oz cup to use...which we keep in the van--times three--for just these reasons.)
  • Pry twin Fries away from their buddies at preschool, and defuse fight between twins over how Medium's picture, done at the library today on a field trip, somehow got wet because of Small's.  Small Fry says she had an accident today, so her nap stuff needs to be washed.  Yay.  Herded them out to the van.
  • Started van.  Large let out a little cry and said, "My throw up!"  She'd been holding the cup between her knees--I didn't want to dump it on the preschool's parking lot--and knocked it over.  Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.  (I have a really strong gag reflex, so this is not something I handle well.)  Shut off van, cleaned up mess as best as possible, gagged a lot, nearly puked myself, and got back behind the wheel.  Home, James.
  • Unloaded kids, groceries, and assorted kid detritus.  Took wet washcloth out to scrub floor carpeting.  Put groceries away.  Approved bike-riding for twins, provided they stayed in our yard (unlike yesterday).  Had Large Fry change her clothes.  She opted for jammies; I opted not to fight the idea.  Started another load of laundry.  Attempted to, anyway.
  • Small Fry rings doorbell to get me to come open the screen door.  Sigh.  Medium does the same, at a different door.  (Mental note: get different bells for front and back doors.)  While in the laundry room, Medium comes in to inform me, panicked, that Small is in the street with her bike.  And apparently can't get out of the street.  I'm seeing my youngest, crashed in the middle of the road, scrapes, blood, impending doom with incoming cars, in my mind's eye.  Nope, just at the end of the driveway, where the sidewalk curb drops to street level.  And without a helmet.  Yay.  Everybody back into the back yard; no, you may not ride on the sidewalk along the house.
  • Laundry again...I'm still trying to get that load going.  Medium rings the bell and finally figures out the door isn't locked and she can open it and comes downstairs to the laundry room, saying that Small fell over the edge.  (With my sanity, perhaps?)  Assuming correctly that Medium meant the edge of the old greenhouse platform by the driveway, which has about an 18-inch drop down to the graveled parking area, I went running.  "And she has blood!"  Sure enough, Small had ripped a very small gash in her palm.  Antibiotic ointment and a bandaid...and a call to Daddy.
  • Mostly emptied dishwasher, and started a movie for the twin Fries (and Large, who I kept poking to wake her up).  While I listened to the owl rasp out to Ernie and tell him to "Put down the duckie," I started working on dinner.  Small came out and put silverware away; Large and Medium helped assemble pizza muffins.
  • Oreos for dessert (the pizza muffins were, thankfully, a huge hit), with a homework chaser for Large Fry.  I sent the twins to get ready for bed while I supervised homework, and then had them put away the clothes in their bins.
  • I still have laundry to do, and the dishwasher to run, kitties to feed, boxes to scoop, and trash to get out.  I'm going to die before bed.

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