Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Events of the Day

  • Overslept by about 20 minutes this morning, so kicked everyone into high gear to get ready for school.
  • Walked kids over while Hubby took a shower.
  • Drove Hubby to work, and then went to my scheduled check-up with my primary doctor.
  • Got more work accomplished while waiting in waiting room and exam room than I've accomplished since.
  • Flu shot.  My left arm has a charming dull ache.  (Nothing like the pneumonia vaccine, which I don't need again, thank God.)
  • Drove home.  Had oversized muffin, warmed and slathered in butter, for brunch.
  • Attempted to sit outside and work.  Got sidetracked by kids' appointments, emails to teachers, and spending two hours on the phone with various representatives of various insurance and/or military entities.
  • Left voicemail for military entity #3 and faxed copy of court order to military entity #2.  Three-business-day turnaround before I can hope to hear something back from #3.
  • Brought stuff inside, counted entire time since appointment a wash in the work department.  Walked over to pick up kids.
  • Came home.  Did homework x3.  Well, supervised, anyway.  Surprised to learn from Large Fry's math homework that 15-4=12 and 10-6=3.
  • Made Medium Fry mad and she threatened to leave because I yelled so loud.  Having to tell children ten times to put on their shoes before they begin to comply will do that to a parent.  (No, you may not argue or ask questions like "Why?"  Just put on your dang shoes.)
  • Picked up Hubby, who is miserable, as a front has moved through, giving us our lovely weather and him a lovely sinus mess.  Barometrically-sensitive head.  Isn't he lucky?
  • Hubby nuked leftover pizza for the Fries while I tried to sort out other stuff and kept checking my email.
  • After pizza was scarfed down, Medium comes in to tell me that she accidentally bonked Large Fry when she was doing some sort of made-up gymnastic move, and now Large is bleeding, and it's right by her current loosest tooth.  I check, and there's blood.  And the tooth bends a lot farther forward than it did before, but it's still not ready to come out.  I got the bleeding to stop and cautioned Large to be careful of that tooth.
  • Hubby came downstairs, and Large proceeded to tattle on Medium.  *sigh*  At least she told Hubby it was an accident and that Medium had apologized.
  • Bid everyone adieu, because I needed to stay home from Wednesday night church, since I spent all of Wednesday afternoon in near-fruitless conversations with insurance/military entities.
  • The headache that has been pestering me since last night has not gone away with two doses of meds.  Time to take another, make myself some dinner, and go back outside...and see if I can get some work done!

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