Saturday, September 15, 2012


So, today Hubby took the Fries out for breakfast since he was going to be gone most of the day and not back home until late tonight.

I started a load of laundry, and decided it was a good time for a nap since my brain hadn't shut down before 3 a.m. after editing late into the night, and then I had kids waking me up around 7:30.

I was up and dressed before Hubby had to leave for Uprise, and he suggested taking the Fries over to the school's playground and letting them run free while I got some work done.

Small Fry had already told me, in insistent tones, that this was what she wanted to do.

I had some things to take care of first.

Namely, a brilliant last-minute gift for my mother, spending the Kohl's cash that was about to expire, and shipping a book for Paperback Swap.  Small Fry's excitement over getting to go to the playground could not be contained, and she demanded no less than six times to know when we would be going.

I had Large Fry carry my work binder (I find it's so much easier to edit if I'm working with a hard copy first), Small Fry carried my can of Dr Pepper, and I schlepped the lone chair Hubby had left for me to use (the one that's falling apart).  And my cane.  My ankle's been bugging me.

We spent about two and a half hours over there, with me getting next to nothing done the last half hour because Medium decided she needed to have a tantrum.

Earlier in the week, some of the kids at the school had drawn all over the blacktop with sidewalk chalk.  When the Fries complained of being hot, they moved into the shade of the school (where I'd been sitting all along), discovered the chalk would rub off on their hands, and generally had a grand old time face "painting."

And "painting" their bellybuttons.

We came home and I fixed dinner, which the kids--who normally like chicken stir fry--refused to eat.  They just sort of picked at it.


I had them take care of their dishes, and Small Fry asked (within the hearing of the others) if it was bath time yet.

Given that they'd all but bathed in chalk, baths are a necessity tonight.

No, I said, because I had a coloring project for them all to do.  Small and Medium followed me around obediently.  When I called for Large so we could get this project (and then baths) done asap, she appeared at the top of the stairs.

Buck naked.

It was a Migraine Salute moment.

So...I had two fully-dressed kids and one nekkid one working on this coloring project.

Now I have to see how fast we can get through baths....

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