Friday, September 14, 2012

Shoe Catching: A Photo Essay

On LosWhit's Facebook page today, he posted a picture of his son sporting boots several times too big...'cause they were Little Los's daddy's boots.  Los commented on how it's a sight that never gets old for him.

Which reminded me of all the times my kids have played dress-up with either my shoes or Hubby's.

Large Fry, 9/07, with my sandals.

At least she's got 'em on the right feet.

Had them on the right feet.


Wearing Hubby's socks.  Too cute to not include.

Small Fry, wearing Hubby's slippers.

Slippers are made for walkin'.

And on the wrong feet, of course.

Apparently, they were slowing her down.

Daddy's dress shoes on Small Fry.

Large Fry wears Daddy's slippers.

Still trying to get them tied.  Gosh, 1/09, really?

Mommy has boots!  (12/11)

Five years old, and already raiding my closet.

They only come up to my knees, but Medium's hips.

Large was relieved to find out I had another pair of boots.

Yeah, good luck getting up, honey.


Yep, still on the wrong feet.

When did they get so big?

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