Sunday, January 20, 2013


Since tomorrow is both my appointment with the specialist AND a school holiday, we tooled on over to Gramma and Boppa's so that Hubby can go with me to my appointment and Mom and Dad can be on Fry Duty.

And since Large Fry has simply not listened (and, in some cases, outright disobeyed despite hearing what she's been told) today, Daddy decreed that she would have to clean the trash out of the van. All three Fries were instrumental in making the mess, so they were going to have to do it together. But Large's actions today stuck her with the job.

Daddy, however, is still at home, since he has S.P.A.M.* night with the youth group kids tonight. Which means...I get to supervise the punishment.

And it's about 40 degrees outside.

Plus a good stiff wind.


Innyhoo, as I'm standing out in the driveway, telling Large to quit dawdling, stop climbing back and forth between the front and the back when she hasn't gotten all the trash picked up from either spot, and to stop just sitting there, Small opens the door to the garage from inside the house.

"Mommy!" she shouted. "Gwramma pulled Medium's loose toof!"

The fun doesn't stop here!

*Soda, Pizza, and A Movie

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