Monday, January 28, 2013

Post-Op Observations

*Sitting up is exhausting work.

*The Weasel is unerringly drawn to my incision sites.

*Small Fry must think that hysterectomy boo-boos are somehow akin to a pregnant belly, because she's offered to let each of our guests take a peek.

*I really need a new pair of glasses. Jester came right out and asked me tonight just how long I'd had them. New specs just moved up on the list.

*Hugs hurt. This is very sad. I have to hug carefully.

*My poor lower back is unhappy with me, because my abdominal muscles don't want to work, so they're picking up the slack.

*I have the emotional stability of jello.

*I really should not watch reruns of "The Nanny" while recovering. Specifically, not the one where they're throwing a surprise 50th birthday party for Fran's mom Sylvia, and Mistah Sheffield comes home unexpectedly and mid-party, where he finds Niles inhaling helium out of a balloon. Niles's greeting was in such a squeaky voice that I couldn't stop the bubble of laughter. My hands were supporting my incisions (I have five) immediately. I think the giggle was worth it, though.

*I love Vicodin.

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  1. Hope you're feeling a little better tomorrow. It takes time, but sounds like you have wonderful company.


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