Friday, February 8, 2013


Hubby left for Winter Slam with his big kids about an hour ago. We dropped him off at the church, and after Medium hugged him goodbye, he said to me, "She's gonna lose that either tonight or tomorrow, you know. She had it turned sideways ealier...and it stayed that way." I nodded, because she'd shown me earlier, and I wished I'd gotten a picture of it. And I was really hoping I wan't going to have to do any pulling.

Well, Hubby was right.

Medium came into the kitchen as I was fixing my dinner. "Mommy, my tooth fell out!"

Sure did. At least she didn't swallow it this time.

Bonus: the pizza pulled it for me!

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  1. Dad still has a note I wrote attesting to the fact that my tooth did indeed fall out as I bit into an apple with my school lunch but swallowed it.

    She looks so cute there.


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