Thursday, February 14, 2013

The F Word

Scene: Our kitchen, this morning, as the kids are putting on coats and shoes and getting ready to walk over to school.

Medium Fry: Lawrge, dat's not nice.  You shouldn't say da "F" wowrd.

Hubby, who had been merely waiting for the Fries to be ready, perked up at Medium's somewhat hushed words.

Hubby: What?

Medium: Lawrge said da "F" wowrd!

Large: Did not!

Hubby: What is it?

Medium: Lawrge said da "F" wowrd!

Large [looking somewhat guilty]: Did not!

Hubby: What is it?

Medium: Not a'posed to say it.

Hubby: You need to tell me what it is.

Medium [softly]: Fat.

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