Saturday, February 2, 2013

Vignettes From The Evening

Hubby and Large Fry are semi-cuddled on the couch, feet towards each other so they can share a blanket.

Hubby: [*pthbbhthbt*] Excuse you!

Large Fry: Daddy! Ew! That wasn't me. That was you!

Hubby: Are you sure? I think it was you.

Large: Daddy! No! Was not!

Hubby: Was too!

Large: Was not!

Hubby: Was too!

Another minute or so goes by.

Hubby: [*phbbtbthbbbpt*] Excuse you!

Large: DADDY!! EW!! That was YOU!

Hubby: Was not.

Large: Was too!

A few minutes later...

Large: [*poot poot*] Excuse you!

Hubby [chuckling]: Very good!


Hubby: Okay, who wants to go get Daddy a soda?

Small Fry: Me!

She dashes out of the room, only to return a few minutes later, hands tucked behind her back.

Small: Daddy, dewre was no more soda. It's all gone. Dewre's none left!

Hubby [suitably aghast]: There's no more? Oh, no!

Small [pulling soda bottle out from behind her back]: I was just kidding!


Hubby [shouting up from kitchen]: Honey, do you need a soda?

Me: Yes!

Small appears in the living room, hands tucked behind her and a suspiciously impish grin on her face.

Small: Mommy, I don't have a soda for you.

Me: Oh?

Small [pulls bottle out and hands it to me]: I was just joking!


Small is in the den. She bends over and puts her hands on the floor, kind of aiming her heinie in Hubby's general direction.

Small: Stinky is coming! [pause] [*POOT*] There it is!

Hubby is rather shocked and trying not to laugh.

Small straightens up and gives him a goobery grin and giggles.


Small: Hey, Mama, how's youwr belly feelin'?


Hubby is tucking the twin Fries in bed. They've already done the usual bedtime prayer.

Hubby: Okay, who's going to pray for good dreams?

Medium Fry: Not me!

Small: I will! Deawr God, please help Medium an' Lawrge an' me to haff good dwreams, an' bless Mama's belly so it feels bettewr soon! Amen!

Medium: No fair! I wanted to pwray fowr Mama's belly! we have to break up that prayer so that each of them can take half.

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