Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Morning Conversations

Large Fry climbed up on our bed this morning, like she usually does. I went down the hall for my morning constitutional, and when I got back to retrieve clothes to dress for the day, Hubby related this conversation:

Large Fry had snuggled up against him.

Hubby: I love you.

Laarge Fry: I love you too.

Hubby: I'll love you forever.

Large Fry: Uh-huh.

Hubby: I'll love you forever and ever.

Large Fry: Uh-huh.

Hubby: Forever and ever.

Large Fry slaps her hand over his mouth.

Hubby: What's the matter? Don't you like that?

Large Fry: Mickey Mouse is on!

Hubby: You can't hear Mickey when I'm talking?

Large Fry: No!

I went back down the hall to the bathroom to get dressed (it's just easier), and then overheard this:

Hubby: Give me back my sock!

Large Fry: *giggles* It's MY sock!

Hubby: Give me back my sock!

Large Fry: No, it's my sock!

Hubby: Uncle D has to go to work. I need my sock.

Large Fry: It's MY sock! *more giggles*

I think Hubby had to finally wrestle it away from her. He'd set his socks down on the bed, picked up one, and sat down on the edge of the bed to put it on. When he went to grab the next, Large Fry had her arms hugged close to her chest and her knees tucked up and a guilty, silly grin on her face...so it was obvious who his sock thief was.

It's okay, Peehani!

The kids rather dislike our dustbuster. It's loud and it's scary, especially to the twins. Our way of alleviating fears has been to tell them, "It's okay. It's just noise."

And then there's Pa'ani (pronounced by the kids as "Pee-hani"), who isn't necessarily afraid of the dustbuster, but will happily tell anyone he comes across, including the kids, how hard his life is. I think, like Keiki, Pa'ani likes to hear himself talk.

The other day, Medium Fry was in the kitchen, trying to convince Pa'ani of her undying love.

Hubby pulls out the dustbuster and starts running it.

Medium heavily pats Pa'ani, who is still meowing. "Iss okay, Pee-hani! Iss just noise!"

Monday, June 8, 2009

Another of those things...

...that you never expect to say:

"No, don't wash your tongue. Wash your lips!"