Say What?

Why, yes, either I or my husband have actually said these things to our kids.

No, we couldn't believe this stuff had come out of our mouths either.

And while some people keep a list of things their parents said that they swore they'll never say to theirs, we realized the futility of that early on.  This list is much more fun.

Since May 30, 2008, we have said:

  • "NO!  You may NOT 'drive the car' with the floor lamp!" (circa April 2009)
  • "No no no no no!  Do NOT sit in the cats' water dish! That is NOT a potty!"
  • "Stop smiling. I don't like it when you smile when I'm touching you there." (Hubby, to Small Fry, as he was changing her diaper.  Also circa April 2009.)
  • "I will NOT kiss your boogie."
  • "Do NOT stand on the horse!" 
  • "No, don't wash your tongue!  Wash your lips!  (June 2009)
  • "Go help your sister with her other tail."  (August 31, 2012)
  • "Large! Look at the bowl when you're throwing up, not the TV!" (January 21, 2013)

I'm sure this list will be added to on occasion.  Check back.

In the meantime, well, no, I will not be explaining any of these here.

They're funnier that way.

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