Sunday, January 14, 2018

Oh, the SHAME!

The shame of my parenting skills is great, y'all. (Special Edition is rubbing off on me here.)

Great, I tell you.

Just now, I was driving Oldest and Youngest home from the twins' bible quizzing meet today. (Middle, who quizzed out, was off having ice cream with her coach to celebrate.) For frame of reference, the current CD in the car's player is the soundtrack to Disney's Tarzan.

I could get into why I love this movie in countless ways, not the least of which is its over-arching theme of adoption proving that family is family no matter what, but none of that matters here. What matters is that we are listening to Phil Collins and NSYNC do their cover of "Trashin' the Camp" when this triggers something in Oldest's brain.

"Hey, Mom, have you ever heard of the Newsboys?"

I tell you, I did not just roll my eyes. I believe I actually nearly rolled my head, and I was driving. Have I heard of the Newsboys.

"Child, I have heard of the Newsboys. I remember the Newsboys before they were fronted by Michael Tait. I remember the Newsboys when they had Peter Furler. I remember the Newsboys when they were four guys hailing from Australia!"

Silence reigned.

I sighed. "I am SO OLD."

Clearly I have failed my children on a truly epic level.

"We were doing this game this morning in youth group," Oldest explained, "where it was Skillet or the Newsboys. And I didn't know who the Newsboys were."

"You do so know who the Newsboys are!" Good golly. I know she knows.

"No, I don't," Oldest countered.

Egad. "'God's not dead, he's surely alive'? That's Newsboys."

"Oh. Well, I just listen to the stuff; I don't pay attention to whose it is."

Of course.

Mom, have you ever heard of the Newsboys? Bother. "Your father once stage-crewed for the Newsboys!"

Okay, now this Oldest found impressive. "He did?"

"It was twenty-three years ago, almost, and it was just that one concert, the Newsboys and Audio Adrenaline and some solo dude whose name I can't remember. But he was stage crew for them."

I almost shouted, "I remember the Newsboys when Peter Furler had a special gold suit!" but I don't think she would've understood the significance. And I felt even more old.

And I wanted to call my father and tell him about this conversation, so we could both laugh at me being old.

As I sat down to type this, I remembered something. Years ago, when Michael Tait joined the Newsboys and they released their first album with him as front man, Oldest decided she adored him. In fact, she announced at home one day (recorded here in this blog, I think; if not, it is now) that she was going to marry Michael Tait.

I remember Tweeting it and tagging the Newsboys, just for kicks. "My four-year-old wants to marry Michael Tait." Or something like that.

Wouldn't you know it, but Duncan Phillips started following me on Twitter that afternoon.

He's Newsboys' drummer.


I'm still so old.