Wednesday, March 8, 2017

New Adventures in Babysitting

A couple of weeks ago, I got asked to babysit Duckie again.

Man, I have been waiting for this ever since the last time I was asked (although I still maintain that Middle more wanted Duckie to babysit me that day, because I was so sick), and Waffle and I came up with the idea for Duckie to be naughty.

Clearly, Duckie needed to have some more misadventures.

So I tucked him in my front pocket and went about my day.

One of the projects I had for the day was to update the family photos we have displayed on our walls. I had finally gotten prints of some of the photos taken after the adoption finalization, and planned to replace a few photos here and there with new ones. I also wanted to rearrange the framed pictures on the "family" wall by the den. I searched up and down for the framed pictures I was going to replace (I'd taken them down to make room for stockings), finally found them, and set about gathering the tools I'd need.

That's when Duckie wanted to halp.

First he climbed into Hubby's multi-store container and tried to pick out nails and screws and even drywall anchors to hang pictures.

No, Duckie, those are not edible.
I had three photos to choose from and two frames.

Dese two, pleez.
Naturally, he wanted me to choose the two pictures he was most prominently featured in.

As I started rearranging, I realized I was missing a photo I really wanted to have framed, to go next to this gorgeous canvas adoption art piece we'd received from friends at church. I ordered it in two sizes to be picked up in an hour at Walmart, then dashed off to an appointment, with Duckie in tow.

Afterward, the prints were ready, so we went to Walmart.

Lemme ooooouuuuuuuutttt!
Duckie threw a tantrum when I wouldn't let him push the cart.

Once we got home, I finished hanging the pictures and cleaned up a bit; he was content to stay in my pocket as I worked. 

But Special Edition was coming out to see us for a few days, and it had really been too long since I'd vacuumed, so I did that, but when I went to empty the dust cup, I got distracted, and...

It's a dust bath!

Duckies love dust baths. We need them to preen our feathers!
Oh, Duckie.

You don't have feathers.

You have fluff.

You don't need to preen anything.

In fact, your fluff is so smooshed, you don't have anything to preen.

Dusty duck.
You need a real bath.

Into the tub.
When Middle was getting ready for bed that night and went looking for him, I said that Duckie was in the dryer.

I pulled up these photos to explain why.

It was glorious.

Yesterday Morning

I was sitting in the living room, minding my own business, trying to accomplish a couple of things before we had to leave for the twins' standing Tuesday morning appointments. They're up and moving.

My dress is ever so dreamy.
I am up. Moving...that's a bit of a stretch. But I'm getting there.

Middle bounced into the room. "Momma, I tried to teach Kimo the chicken dance. ... She did not excel at it."

And then she was off, chasing Kimo again, and I'm pretty sure I heard her telling Kimo that she needed to move her arms in such a way so that she could do the flap-flap motion.

I'm preeeetty sure kitty arms don't do the flap-flap.

Poor Kimo.

But if she can get Kimo to chicken dance, I'm thinking world domination is definitely within this girl's reach.