Wednesday, August 6, 2008


It's been one of those days when you just want to go back to bed and skip to tomorrow. My boss decided he wanted to do payroll at 11a today (I usually have things ready to go by noonish). The kids were crabby. Emails were flying between Hubby and Dad and me regarding some intense family situations. I couldn't even escape to the bathroom for five minutes without the Fries crying or quibbling or shrieking, or my phone ringing for work.

As I prepared a very late lunch for the Fries, opting to get payroll done and my boss off my back first, I called Hubby in tears. I begged to know when he'd come home. I was so tired of taking care of everyone else and having no one to take care of me.

I got off the phone, wiped my eyes so the Fries wouldn't get upset, and called them for lunch. I finally gave up on begging Large Fry to eat her peas, deciding I no longer cared if she ate them; I didn't have the energy to continue to bribe her with wedges of clementine. As I rubbed the bridge of my nose to try to help alleviate my growing headache, Large Fry piped up, "Auntie crying?"

I looked over at her and smiled gently. "No, honey. I'm not crying. My head hurts."

Large Fry gave me a huge grin. "I kiss it!" she said cheerfully.

I couldn't help but grin. My headache still hurt, but darned if I didn't feel better as I bent over next to her so she could kiss my temple.

Naturally, she of course had to have me kiss her head. "Kiss Medium Fry head," she demanded. So I went over and kissed Medium Fry on the head. "Kiss Small fry head," Large Fry instructed. I did the same to Small Fry.

Medium Fry piped up next. "Hug!" she shouted happily.

Ever tried to hug a small child stuck in a high chair? It's interesting.

Small Fry held out her arms for a hug after I hugged Medium Fry. Then Large Fry said, "Want a hug too!" So I went and gave her a hug.

This resulted in Medium Fry gleefully demanding, "Hug!" again, which became repeated alternating hugs between Medium and Small Frys until I finally had to call a halt so they could go nap.

Stuff like that just makes my day.


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